How TLC Started

In 1999, and with the determination of Miriam Wong, the statewide program Women’s Health Leadership was replicated in Spanish and adapted to the Latina culture (in collaboration with the Steering Committee of Debbie Arthur, Rocky Schnaath, Maria Lemus, Julie Davidson – Gómez, Belma González). In July 1999, The Latina Community Women’s Health Leadership (LCWHL) program was founded and received financial support from our first sponsor, The Women’s Foundation. This program was a success because of the commitment and participation of 15 Peer Leaders and 4 Faculty Advisors. After the first year we saw the excellent results of their personal growth and the impact on the health and well-being of their families and community.

The Latina Center was established as a nonprofit organization in 2000 with the belief that successful and effective community change to improve health starts with informal leaders from the community. Women are natural leaders and a central component in her family and community – crucial partners in making lasting changes that will enhance both individual and community health.