2022 Caminos al Apoyo/Pathway to SupportGran EXPO-KERMES 2018!!!

The Latina Center had the Expo-Kermes where local small businesses had the opportunity to showcase their products and services for more than 200 community members that showed up at our event.  

THANK YOU: To ALL of our volunteers, small businesses, Danza Tonatzi, La Proxima Banda, TLC staff members, leaders and donors.

Summer Camp 2017 

The Latina Center  was proud to provide Summer Camp for children and youth. This is the third year and we were serving  more than 80 children from low income families.

With the lack of funds, but a desire to serve the most vulnerable children in our community, our staff, and volunteers are presenting an outstanding program

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 11.27.28 AM

 where you can see the quality of service and the great hearts of each of the providers to give the best to our children and youth.

Some of the learning activities for children and youth are STEM-Robotics, Arte Sana/ Art healing, sewing, ceramics, zumba and more.   

ALL our volunteers, The Latina Center staff, Nutritional School District Program, Science and Research from San Francisco State University, STEM Robotics, and community members for our Second Summer Camp 2017!!!