The Richmond Incubator Project, A Partnership for Economic Self-Sufficiency

The Latina Center provides small business training and access to support, equipment and microenterprise teams to help entrepreneurial women succeed. We work with Latina women and their families to develop a business plan, generate financial projections, evaluate appropriate business locales, identify potential lenders, prepare loan applications, and create strategic marketing tools. Together, microenterprise teams learn to navigate complex laws and procedures governing small businesses.

Since January 2013, 40 microenterprise start-up jobs have arisen from 2 Microenterprise Teams:

Catering/Food Production: Comida típica (tamales, pupusas and other traditional foods), comida tropical (fancy fruits and vegetables stylistically prepared), and reposteria (cakes, pastries and other desserts).

Artesania: Artisan crafts, sewing, clothing design, fine jewelry making, weaving, embroidery, painting, and productos naturales (soaps, cleansers, oils created from natural products).


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