Young Latinas, Future Leaders, A Leadership and Mentoring Program for Adolescent Latina Girls

A youth adaptation of MSL, Young Latinas, Future Leaders was designed to increase self-esteem and self-confidence among Latina youth while developing leadership, increasing self-esteem, fortifying cultural identity, harmonizing and strengthening family ties, fostering responsibility, and providing opportunities for service and accomplishment.

Supplemented with life skills training, Young Latinas, Future Leaders offers Latina youth support, information, and skills to make decisions about how to be healthy and successful at school, among their peers, and at home. Young Latinas, Future Leaders also provides positive role models and culturally specific mentoring in an environment of trust to teach communication, conflict resolution, anger management, goal setting and life skills while providing opportunities for pro-social behavior and developing activities that help young Latinas incorporate caring, helpfulness, understanding and cooperation into their lives.